Our company specializes in various flatlockstitch sportswear, casual wear and underwear. The company imported thehigh-tech specialty equipment such as 4-needle 6-seam machines and 3-needle5-seam sewing machines. We are capable to manufacture a variety of textiles forsports underwear and woolen underwear. However, we are more than just a garmentmanufacturer. We design garments and export all the products to USA, Canada,Australia, Japan, Europe and South East Asian countries.


The company has already established itsglobal presence in the international market thanks to the efficient productionmanagement, outstanding product quality and excellent business ethics andreputation. To ensure continuous expansion from the existing market position,we are committed to adopt innovative technology, advanced plant & equipmentas well as more sustainable management strategies.


We believe we can develop and sustain long-lasting business relationships andachieve a win-win situation with our business partners. We are looking forwardto hearing from you.